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Pet Sitting Services

Pet sitting has many benefits for pet parents. For example, you know that your furry friend is in caring hands with a professional and eliminate the need to impose on family, friends, or neighbors due to concerns about their own safety. It’s important when hiring a pet sitter to make sure they are qualified enough so as not put yourself at risk by leaving your fur buddy in unsafe care while away from home!

Services are available for all breeds of pets. We’re also able to provide services if you have a number of animals who need care on an individual basis. Just contact us with your inquiry!


Clean pet living area: crate, newspapers, litterbox, cage, etc.

Basic pet walking: feeding, water and exercise

Clean and refill food and water containers

Let pet out for exercise & fresh air, or walk (if requested)

Provide love & play

Other services available for an additional fee

Basic feeding: food, water and treats

Basic brushing, washing/wiping paws & face

Basic check for signs of illness or distress

Basic dog walking service

These are some of the things that Basic dog walking service includes: 

– Letting your dogs out for peace and exercise.
– Going on basic walks around the neighborhood, providing an opportunity to explore their surroundings as well as get fresh air and do what they need to do outside in a civilized manner! Just like you would want them to be able to take care of themselves when you can’t watch them. 

Dog walking is the best way to get in some much needed exercise as well as bond with their human! Basic dog walking service includes basic pet sitting services and lots more!

Basic pet sitting service is also about “taking over” – giving your pets plenty of attention while their human parent is away at work or running errands. Our basic Pet Sitting Service will provide companionship, playtime, and socialization opportunities for your pup so he doesn’t feel lonely.


Why use a professional pet sitter?

Use the services of a professional pet sitter for your animal-care needs. Whether you need someone to watch over your pets while working or traveling, it’s important that they are in good hands! For those looking to make sure their animals are well cared for and who want peace of mind with an educated, responsible provider – we’re here for you. We belong to Pet Sitters International (PSI) so we meet all industry standards and regulations.

What does a pet sitter do?

You may not realize it, but every pet owner has a responsibility to their animal friend. There’s the walk-your-dog thing which is really just another type of sitting as you come into your home and provide exercise for them in between being at work or out with friends all day long. But what happens when we are away? That’s where professionals like Castle Sitters come in! We come by to feed, water and provide your pets with the same love you would!

What services do we offer?

We offer Basic Pet Sitting Service. Basic pet sitting allows us to come into your home at least once a day during an agreed time frame (usually one visit per day). We will check vital signs such as food and water consumption, and make sure the house is safe. Basic pet sitting service also includes cuddles and some playtime with your pets too!

We can offer more than one visit per day so that your animals don’t get too lonely while they wait patiently (or impatiently!) for your return from adventures elsewhere – whether that be across town on business or halfway around the world during travel season

What are Basic Pet Sitting Services?

Basic pet sitting services are for owners who want to go away and not worry about their pets. Castle Sitters Inc will come in, feed your pets, give them fresh water, clean up after them, play with them and let the dogs out to do their business. We also bring in mail and newspapers while you’re gone so that it doesn’t pile up on your doorstep when you get home from vacation!

Castle Sitters also provides

Basic cat sitting service: feed, water and provide litterbox.

Basic turtle care and habitat cleaning

Basic rodent cage cleaning

Basic bird cage cleaning

Medications administration (if required)


Pets can experience trauma from being in unfamiliar surroundings. Switching their schedule or diet, sounds and sights may even be too much for some pets to handle before they start exhibiting signs of distress like anxiety ( pacing, excess drooling), aggression (biting) or apathy – a refusal to eat and play as usual. With professional pet care at your home you know that he/she is safe with someone who understands what they need: food around the clock without any interruptions; routine visits by an experienced caregiver.

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