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Dog Walking

If you’re a dog owner, then you’ll know that dog walking is an important part of your dog’s care. It allows them to get exercise and socialize with other dogs in the neighborhood, which is something they can’t do while at home alone all day. But it can be difficult for busy people to find time to take their dog out during the workday – especially if you have multiple pets! That’s where our Poconos dog walking service comes in handy: we will come by your house and walk your dog on a schedule that works best for you so that he or she gets plenty of exercise!

Benefits of Dog Walking

Increased dog energy levels. Dogs that are walked regularly have higher activity levels and stronger muscles than those who don’t receive much exercise. This means they need less food to maintain their weight because the dog walks help them burn more calories!
Lower chance of obesity. A dog that spends too much time indoors is at increased risk for weight gain because they are not burning calories or getting enough exercise. Dog walks allow them to burn off excess energy from inside their home while also exercising their muscles and maintaining a healthy body weight in general.
Increased dog intelligence. Dogs that are walked regularly have a higher IQ than those who don’t get much mental stimulation outside of their home.
Improved moods and decreased stress levels in dogs. Dog walks help decrease anxiety, increase energy levels, and reduce destructive behavior by giving the dog an outlet for pent up energy!

Consistent dog walks can also improve a dog’s digestive and urinary health

Consistent dog walks can also improve a dog’s digestive and urinary health. Dogs who are walked on a regular basis have fewer accidents in the house or yard because they learn to control their bladder better, as well as avoid pesky behaviors like chewing furniture and digging holes in your lawn (in other words, less destruction).

At Poconos Pet Sitters, we provide both physical and mental stimulation while your dog is being walked; mix up destinations often to keep things interesting for them, run alongside them during walks or play games such as fetch in open spaces.

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Call today to set up an appointment for a free consultation and get started on making life easier again by hiring us as your dog walker! Dog walking is important for your pet’s health too. Walking regularly will strengthen their muscles and bones, help with cardiovascular fitness and reduce stress levels in both you and your dog. And best of all? A regular walk may even result in a better relationship between human and animal!


Benefits of Dog Walking

Dog walking is beneficial for your pet’s health. Regular exercise has been shown to have many positive effects on their cardiovascular system, muscles and bones (built up by regular walks), stress levels or blood pressure – all of which are vital ingredients needed in order effectually keep them healthy!

How We Can Help You?

Our fully licensed dog walking service will come to your house at your specified time each day so that your pet gets plenty of exercise. We will customize a dog walking schedule that works for you and your dog!

We love dogs, which is why we are so passionate about providing the best dog walking service in Poconos area to help keep them active and happy!

Is dog walking enough exercise?

If you have a dog that is confined to the house for most of its day, it can get bored quickly which leads to destructive behavior like chewing on furniture or barking all day long. Dogs also do not know when they’ve had enough exercise, so we are careful with your dog’s health; we don’t let them over exert themselves and always give them water after their walk!

Dog walking services are the best way to relieve dog owners of the responsibility of dog care while still giving their dog plenty of exercise.

Another benefit is that you won’t have to worry about picking up after your dog because all pet waste will be picked up by our professional sitter. Keep reading for more ways we can help make life easier when it comes to taking care of your pup!

Dog Walking Prices

$25 per visit/ Per Pet
  • Special Pricing for Multiple Pets
  • Includes feeding and walks

Lack Of Exercise And Walking Can Affect Dogs Mental Health As Well

Dog Walks always give dogs a chance To Get Socialized With Other Pets In The Area. Dog owners don’t realize how important socialization is until they get a dog that doesn’t like strangers or needs constant attention from the owner. Dog walkers provide this service while you’re away so your pet isn’t lonely or cooped up all day in the house.

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