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Welcome to Castle Sitters

Your Trusted Pet Sitters in The Poconos

We are the oldest, professional pet sitting company in the Poconos. We are insured and bonded, and are proud members of Pet Sitters International (PSI).  Poconos Pet Sitters have been in business for 24 years.  We are proud of the many clients we have retained over the years and can provide testimonials and references. When you can’t be there, we will give your furbies the same love and attention that you give them…..We pride ourselves on our motto:  We Give Your Pets the Royal Treatment in Your Home!

We can provide daily dog walking and feeding, hugs and rubs while you’re away at work….and daily cat visits as well. If you have birds, fish, or exotics, we can provide care for them too!

Our Mission

Provide Quality And Gentle Care to All Kinds of Pets

If you’re going on vacation, we’ll come to your house and care for your pets as often as you’d like. We’ll water your interior and exterior plants, collect your mail, turn on and off the lighting, and open and close the shades, blinds, and drapes so no one realizes you’re away!  We can also run the faucets and flush the toilets so that your pipes don’t burst.  These additional services are all part of our pet sitting visits.  Although we do NOT provide overnight pet sitting, we can visit your pets as often as you would like, to keep them safe and secure. Our normal visiting hours are 9am to 6pm, but we can provide earlier or later visits, for an additional cost. In addition, there might also be an additional cost if your home is a significant distance from our home base. Please call us at 570-298-6889 to discuss your pets’ needs, and we will be happy to provide you with any information you require and include pricing for your visits as well. Our base fees are $20/per pet/per visit, but if you have multiple pets we can arrange for a discounted rate. We are Bonded and Insured and promise that you will come home to a happy, well-adjusted pet, and a clean home! And remember…….We Give Your Pets the Royal Treatment in YOUR Home!


Pet Sitting Visits

When you call to schedule pet sitting visits, we will ask you several questions on the phone about your location, your pet, your pet’s needs and your special requests. We will then arrange a meet and greet.

We always provide FREE preliminary visits to meet with you and your pet. At that time, upon hiring us, we require that you sign our contract, provide us with a key, (which we will test before we leave) and/or security code, and pay our full fee with local check or cash. A full refund can be arranged, only if cancellation occurs within 7 days of reservation. We will also require that you notify your security company that we will be visiting your home.

Castle Sitters, Inc. can provide pet sitting services throughout the Pocono area. Call us for more information.


Includes ALL the following services:

  • Clean pet living area: crate, newspapers, litterbox, cage, etc.
  • Clean and refill food and water containers
  • Let pet out for exercise & fresh air, or walk (as requested)
  • Provide love & play
  • Bring in mail and packages

We Understand Your Pets And We Love Them As You Do

Castle Sitters, Inc. is the perfect solution for the times you need to be away but don’t want to put your beloved pet in a strange kennel or trust their safety to non-professionals.

Whether you’re away on vacation, a business trip, hospital stay, or just get stuck late at work – we’re the answer! Castle Sitters is available for long or short term visits!

Okay, let’s think about this scenario. You’re preparing to go on vacation, but what will you be doing with your beloved furby?

A kennel? Let’s think about that for a second, shall we? You took your beloved family pet, a creature you’ve raised since infancy, played with and pampered, a small (or large) furry bundle of love who has never asked you for anything except maybe an occasional scratch behind the ear, and put it in a kennel. Not that the concept of a kennel is a bad thing. No, conceptually they provide an easy solution for when you must leave your pet alone. But what about the reality of that solution?  Most likely your pet thinks, acts, and feels like a member of the family, including loving you like you love him (or her). Just like a member of the family your pet is used to being surrounded by his own things, the smells and sights he is familiar with. He/she is used to affection and a calm, controlled, familiar environment. Now you’ve put him/her in a kennel; an environment as alien as the moon, filled with a cacophony of strange barking dogs, hissing cats, and unfamiliar humans. Most likely he/she will be placed in a cage that will seem like a matchbox compared to the freedom of his/her own home. Your dog will also probably be required to receive a shot for kennel cough due to the high probability he/she might catch it. Now, we’re not saying that there are not kennels out there run by qualified professionals who really care about the animals they board. We’re sure there are. However, we doubt that there is anyone who will deny the fact that the animal in question will in no way receive the individualized one-on-one love and affection they would at home or be as comfortable and happy as they would be in their own home. Kennels can be extremely lonely and traumatic environments for your pets. Besides, a pet is happier staying at home in familiar surroundings. We offer a service that gives the owner peace of mind and keeps the pet happy, safe, and secure.

That’s where Castle Sitters, Inc. comes in.

Whether its dogs or cats, fish or birds, we can be there for your pets when you can’t be.


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Mark and Cheryl Feder are pet sitters that pet owners can trust to look after their pet while they’re away.

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