“The safety and welfare of homes in the Poconos, as well as the care of beloved pets, is now going to be given a much-needed booster shot,”.

said the owner of Castle Sitters, a new company that opened its services to the public recently.

“There are a multitude of homes and commercial properties in the Poconos that are either presently untenanted or occupied for only a portion of the year. People on vacation, people away on business trips, weekend residents, landlords with empty properties, and even people who have relocated but have failed to sell their homes yet, all qualify for the services Castle Sitters offers.”

“We will go into your home, turn the lights on and off, open and close the blinds, and take trash receptacles in and out, all to provide the secure illusion that someone is at home. An empty house is an invitation to trouble. Our presence also provides a degree of preventive maintenance. We will check the water, the heat, and the pipes. We will bring the mail in, water the plants, take delivery on packages, and care for pets. If there is a problem, we will contact the owner and, per their instructions, coordinate emergency repairs. Nobody wants to have frozen pipes, ruptured water lines, broken windows, a failed security system, or no heat in their residence while they are away. The longer those things remain unattended, the more they can cost. We are there when the owner can’t be.”

Castle Sitters personnel are fully bonded and insured and will never take any action without signed authorization from an owner.

“We offer a very affordable daily rate, as well as inexpensive weekly, monthly, and seasonal packages. If the owner already has a security provider, we will work with them. A security service is a valuable and important option for any homeowner, but not everyone can afford one. We are not a security service, but we do provide home or commercial property owners with an on-the-spot, internal presence. A few dollars now can save you thousands later.”

Castle Sitters can be hired for private homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, and private businesses. “If you own a vacation home in the Poconos, or have a property subdivided into empty apartments, and you need to be away or spend a lot of time out-of-state, wouldn’t you feel a lot more secure knowing that someone you can trust was stopping by twice a day, checking things and keeping your investment safe for you? Castle Sitters provides you with peace of mind! It’s good to know we’re there when you can’t be, so that you never have to leave your home alone.”

In addition to house sitting, Castle Sitters offers excellent pet sitting services. “For people who are away for the holidays, a vacation, a hospital stay, or just going to be late getting home from work,” said the owner of the company, “We are there to care for, feed, and exercise their pets.”

“Whether its dogs or cats, fish or birds, we can be there for your pets when you can’t be.”

Pet owners will now be able to extend holiday visits without worrying about their pets being left home alone and uncared for. “Kennels can be extremely lonely and traumatic propositions. Besides, a pet is happier staying at home in familiar surroundings. We offer a service that gives the owner peace of mind and keeps the pet happy, safe, and secure.”

So, whether it’s your home or your pet that needs to be cared for, Castle Sitters can fill the bill.

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