Safe at Home or a Cage in a Kennel…Which Would You Choose?

Okay, let’s think about this scenario. You’re preparing to go on vacation, all the arrangements are made, the bags are packed, the tickets are purchased, you’re standing at the door key in hand, and you just know there’s one thing you forgot to do. Oh, that’s right…the dog (or cat). Well, that’s all taken care of (you think smugly). You put your four-legged friend in a kennel for the duration.

A kennel? Let’s think about that for a second, shall we? You took your beloved family pet, a creature you’ve raised since infancy, played with and pampered, a small (or large) furry bundle of love who has never asked you for anything except maybe an occasional scratch behind the ear, and put it in a kennel. Not that the concept of a kennel is a bad thing. No, conceptually they provide an easy solution for when you must leave your pet alone. But what about the reality of that solution? Most likely your pet thinks, acts, and feels like a member of the family, including loving you like you love him (or her). Just like a member of the family your pet is used to being surrounded by his own things, the smells and sights he is familiar with. He is used to affection and a calm, controlled, familiar environment. Now you’ve put him in a kennel; an environment as alien as the moon, filled with a cacophony of strange barking dogs, hissing cats, and unfamiliar humans. Most likely he will be placed in a cage that will seem like a matchbox compared to the freedom of his own home. He will also probably be required to receive a shot for kennel cough due to the high probability he might catch it. Now, I’m not saying that there are not kennels out there run by qualified professionals who really care about the animals they board. I’m sure there are. However, I doubt that there is anyone who will deny the fact that the animal in question will in no way receive the individualized one-on-one love and affection they would at home or be as comfortable and happy as they would be in their own home. That’s where Castle Sitters, inc. comes in.

Castle Sitters, inc. (CSI) is a Professional Pet and Home Sitting Service that has taken the Poconos by storm. Animal lovers and pet owners from Bushkill to Effort have discovered the perfect solution for keeping their beloved pets happy when they must be away from home. Castle Sitters, inc. has appeared live on Channel 13, the Kim Bell Show, and has advertisements on Channel 13 Blue Ridge Cable Classifieds, in the Focus, the Miracle Shopper, on the Internet, and of course, the Community Express News Journal. Their business cards and flyers can be found at most veterinarians and animal hospitals. They also have full-color signage going up at the new Pocono Ice Arena, right on the ice!

Castle Sitters, inc. (CSI) is owned and operated by the same individuals who bring you the Community Express News Journal (myself included). Each Castle Sitter representative is Fully Bonded and Insured for your peace of mind, and their professionalism and level of caring knows no bounds. Each CSI assignment begins with a free preliminary meeting, where the customer becomes comfortable with the representatives and the pets get a chance to meet their new friends. At all times the happiness, comfort, and safety of the pet is the prime motivator of any CSI visit. But don’t take my word for it. The glowing testimonials of our clients and constant repeat business is proof enough of the love and involvement we put into each visit.

Castle Sitter rates are affordable, allowing your pet to stay in his or her own home, happy and safe. If you are planning a vacation, hospital stay, business trip, or just get home late, call Castle Sitters, inc. to discuss caring for your pet. Castle Sitters, inc. has provided loving care for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc. CSI specializes in last-minute notice situations and personal around-the-clock service. Also, if your four-legged friend is alone all day and needs to go out, CSI offers professional and prompt daily dog-walking services. If you love your pet, isn’t it worth a phone call? Castle Sitters, inc. representatives can be reached at(570) 476-0601, or e-mailed at