Castle Sitters Inc.

Castle Sitters professional pet sitters are bonded and insured which allows clients to have peace of mind while away from their pets. 

Professional Pet Sitting Service in the Poconos. We have been serving the Pocono area for 24 years!

We give your pets the Royal Treatment in your home! 

When you are on vacation and can’t take your pet with you, they are in good hands with the professional pet sitters from Castle Sitters. The best part about hiring a professional pet sitter from Castle Sitters is that we will come to your house and do everything from feeding the fish to walking the dog! 

Castle Sitters pet sitters will go to your home and pet sit while you are on vacation. While pet sitting in a clients home, we can feed the pet(s), walk them, visit with them, play with them and even let them out to do their business.  You never have to worry about your pet while you are away because they will be safe at home in their own environment.

As your pet sitter, our job is not to just simply care for your pet, but to ensure that everything in your home, is as it was when you left.  We can water your indoor and outdoor plants, and bring in your mail and newspapers, just to name a few of the extra services we provide. Mark Feder, owner of Castle Sitters, an established, professional dog walking and pet sitting company in the Poconos, PA, is a long-time resident of East Stroudsburg and knows the Pocono area very well. Castle Sitters’ services include dog walking and pet visits for all your furbies, and much more.

We are FULLY BONDED & INSURED, and with our competent staff of pet sitters, we are able to service the entire Poconos area.

When you’re away, feel confident and secure that your pets are being well taken care of in their own environment, without changing their routine! They will be happily waiting for you to return!

What We Do

Our Pet Care Services

Dog Walking

The residents of the Pocono Mountains are looking for a reliable and trustworthy dog walker to watch over their pet during busy workdays. while they commute to their jobs. Having someone they trust care for their dog while they are away from home, gives them a piece of mind. A professional Castle Sitters can provide that stress-free sense of security, so they can enjoy more time with a happy, well-adjusted pet when they return home.

Pet Sitting

Pet Feeding in your own home saves you the stress of worrying whether they are eating. Castle Sitters has a long history of taking care of feeding your pets in their home while you are away!  
The pet sitters will give your pet their meal, when you request as well as a walk.

Additional Pet Sitting Services

While you are away on vacation, we will visit your home and care for your pets as many times a day as you request. If you want us to, we can also water your indoor and outdoor plants, take in your mail, switch the lights on and off, and open and close the blinds, curtains and shades, so that no one will ever know that you are not there!

At your request, we can also bring garbage receptacles to the curb and return them again. We can also run the faucets and flush the toilets so that your pipes don’t burst. These additional services are all part of our pet sitting visits.

Basic Pet Setting Service

$20.00 per pet / per visit
Regular pet sitting hours are between 9:00am and 6:00pm
$10 additional charge for each hour before 9:00am and after 6:00pm
Holiday Rate: $10 surcharge added to daily total
Distance Rate: A surcharge may be applied to some areas.

About Us

Castle Sitters was founded 20 years ago by Mark and Cheryl Feder. The two animal lovers turned their passion for animals into a career, providing high standards of care with love and nurturing to build relationships between owners and their pets while understanding the different personalities each pet has in order to provide personalized experience that is essential for happy healthy pets.

We take the pet’s individual needs into consideration and have them do something they will enjoy, such as a brisk walk. We think of our pet sitting services as “boutique pet sitting” where we treat each pet individually with love and care.


Our pet sitting services will help you find peace of mind while away by providing a safe pet friendly environment for your pet(s) in your home.

Our goal at Castle Sitters is to provide pet sitting services for the pet owners that have busy lifestyles, and feel comfortable leaving their pet home during the day.

Private dog walking is our solution. We give pet owners the peace of mind that their pet is spending time with a pet care specialist and not being left in a kennel. Our pet sitting services are tailored to each pet’s individual needs, whether it be medication administration or simply playing fun games for dogs.
That’s why we know how to build relationships between you and your pet, so they can provide better service when they walk and pet sit your pet while you’re away.


Take Care of Animals in your Home
(Reptiles, Birds, Cats, Dogs)

Pet Setting

Pet Walks


Love and Kisses
To Your Fur Baby

A professional & friendly care provider

A professional and friendly care at Castle Sitters, we love pets as much as you do!   We offer dog walking & pet sitting services 7 days per week or just on nights and weekends only depending what works best for the pet parent. We have pet sitting rates that cater to your pet parent’s needs.

Pets feel most at home, are happier, more secure and content in their own homes. Pet sitting or dog walking in your home can reduce stress for your pet and provide the socialization, exercise and enrichment that they require. It’s easy to make the right choice when you read our exceptional pet care qualifications and client testimonials. Castle Sitters, is a loving, qualified, experienced, and insured pet sitting and dog walking service in the Poconos, PA. For more information about our professional pet care services, contact us today.

Castle Sitters are the perfect service for:

  • Vacationers (short-term pet & home care)
  • Professionals/Working Parents (short-term or long-term care)
  • Emergencies (short notice/last-minute care) for established clients
  • Pet parents who have difficulty walking their dogs (e.g. senior or disabled pet owners)
  • Pet parents who have young pets (puppies/kittens, active dogs, adolescent/active dog), or pets with special needs (e.g. pets needing insulin injections)

Contact Us

Mark and Cheryl Feder are pet sitters that pet owners can trust to look after their pet while they’re away.

822 Wooddale Road,
East Stroudsburg, PA. 18302
(570) 298-6889